Ajay Bio-Tech is the pioneer in the field of organic farming that foresaw its need in India at the time when the use of agro-chemicals was appreciated by many. For over two decades we have relentlessly advocated the use of bio-products in farming; the position that has found its representation in many of the recent government initiatives to promote organic farming in India.


We have got our lands addicted, but we don't know how to fight this addiction

These words from a farmer highlight the problem caused by over-usage of agro-chemicals post Green Revolution. This has resulted in decreasing the organic content in the soil and furthering the deteriorated soil health. In turn, it has not only affected the crop production but also animal and human health.

Organic farming enables farmers to improve their crops and soil health to make the farming activity sustainable and profitable for future. It not only includes systematic use and application of organic, bio-products for crop care such as growth enhancers, micronutrients, biofertilizers, bio-pesticides & bio-fungicides, but also considers agri-ecosystem to encompass animal and public health by minimizing the use of agrochemicals in farming.
With time, we have expanded our horizon to encompass animal health care and public health care, which forms an important part of agri-ecosystem. Our approach acknowledges the human-animal-nature interaction and try to provide holistic solutions to create a sustainable ecosystem.

We strongly believe that researchers cannot work isolated from the community and advances in the biotechnology field are of value only if consumers can reap benefit out of it without any premium cost attached to it. At Ajay Bio-Tech, our efforts are dedicated to manufacture result oriented products that will combine scientific knowledge and modern biotechnological innovations & bring them close to the community. We offer various research based, result oriented organic, herbal and bio-products in agri-care, veterinary and public health care segments.
To be a globally respected brand in the field of agri-biotechnology that will combine scientific knowledge and technological innovations with its organic, herbal and bio-products to create a sustainable micro and macro ecosystem.
To deliver bio-technological benefits to the community through our research based result oriented products

To reach to our customers through responsible marketing activities and quality service from our qualified professionals