Ajay Bio-Tech (India) Ltd. came into existence in order to bring about the second Green revolution through organic farming methods by providing organic, herbal and bio-products manufactured with the help of advanced biotechnology. For over two decades we have relentlessly advocated the use of bio-products in farming; the position that has found its representation in many of the recent government initiatives to promote organic farming in India.
Ajay Bio-tech is committed to take laboratory research and biotechnological innovations to the end consumer. We aim to bring the quality products formulated with the help of advanced biotechnological solutions that will assist farmers to indulge in organic farming practices for sustainable and profitable farming.
Agri-care Products
We offer products majorly in 3 product categories viz. bio-pesticide/bio-fungicide, bio-fertilizers and plant growth promoters & micronutrients. Based on our own laboratory and field research, we provide result driven quality products that reap maximum benefits to our farmer community.
Veterinary Products
We understand the importance of animals-humans-nature interaction. We offer chemical free animal health care products, which keep them away from the disease conditions, improve their immunity and increase the production capacity in case of cattle.
Public Health Products
Many public health related issues are water borne. Our effective biological solutions control population and multiplication of many water borne insects/microbes. This way water bodies and surroundings are not contaminated with harmful chemicals.